How do you inspire the children in your care?


True creativity involves figuring things out for themselves, not just a lesson in following instructions.  


Encourage hands on activities.  There is something amazing about our desire to build and create.   It's remarkable what kids are able to do if you push them to take a leadership role, formulate their own ideas and execute them. Give them the tools they need, and let them go with it.

It is so important to stock your child's environment with materials conducive to creativity.

Keep things like playdough, googly eyes and popsicle sticks on hand and readily available. 

Encourage imaginative play, like a dollhouse, train table or farm set. Not only does this encourage creativity and abstract thinking, but it also provides opportunities to take on new roles and experiment with teamwork and relationships.  It is also essential that kids have opportunities to learn with others on their level.

Encourage kids throughout the process in order to recognize and engage their creativity and ability. When a child realizes for himself that he has the ability and potential to figure it out, his motivation becomes a much deeper pool to draw from than when he relies on external sources to boost him.

Learning about different cultures and ways of life can expand your child's mind by opening his eyes to alternate ways of doing things. Sample other cultures' cuisines with your children, and read books together on that culture. Help your children see their own world from a different point of view.